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5 Wild tips for a successful detox juice cure

Wild & the moon believes detoxing should be synonymous with pleasure.

Detoxifying allows you to reset and recharge, helping find balance between our life, the needs of our body and our mind. 

It is important & highly recommended to choose the right time for a detox cure and not have too many activities planned at the same  time. 

Here’s our 5 tips for a Wild & successful Juice Cleanse

Tip #1: Choose quality detox juices

Our juice cures are designed to deeply cleanse the system and regain vitality, with a complete plant-based diet made up of pure, fresh, organic and local ingredients.

Our detox brings the essence of nature and in all its benefits. The cold pressing of all our juices protects the enzymes that our body needs.

How are our detox juice cures different?

✔ Cold-pressed 

✔ From organic farming

✔ Products made to order (ultra-fresh)

✔ Without pasteurisation or high-pressure treatment (no HPP)

✔ Enriched with superfoods

The benefits are not limited to just feeling rejuvenated on the inside, but it also radiates on the outside too. Making you feel more beautiful with fresher skin, a clearer complexion, a lighter body, a clearer mind and new energy.

Tip #2: Adopt a plant-based diet before the cure

Gently prepare your mind & body at least 3 days before starting your detox programs. 

Say YES to:

  • Raw and cooked vegetables, of all colors.
  • Fruits, especially berries.
  • Plant proteins in the form of legumes (dried beans, lentils, chickpeas) and whole grains (quinoa, buckwheat, rice, etc.).

Stay FAR from:

  • Gluten (present in products made from wheat, rye).
  • Meat or dairy products.
  • Sugar or other additives, which will exhaust the system. 
  • Fried & processed foods. 
  • Alcohol, coffee and black tea which are stimulants.

You are guaranteed to already feel better!


The body needs a boost, and needs water to drain and eliminate toxins.

Drink water, pure or with a slice of lemon or a sprig of mint, and herbal teas, as much as you like!

Take time for yourself, meditate and listen to the needs of your body during the detox. 

If you feel the need to “crunch”, reach out for light & raw snacks like an apple, a carrot or a handful of almonds.

Tip #4: Eat healthy after the cure

You are refurbished and your body is in ultra clean mode. Treat it with love and reintroduce  steamed vegetables, then fruits, sprouted seeds, nuts and dried fruits. 

For a few days your body will be more responsive to what you eat. Go easy! Try easy-to-digest gluten-free foods.

Include more plant-based meals often. On days you don’t want to cook, come over to our Wild Jungle  where you can get wholesome, plant-based meals! Visit our cafes in Dubai.

Want to enjoy a Wild meal at the comfort of your home, you can also order in from our restaurants via Deliveroo HERE.

Tip 5: Choose a cure based on your expectations & state of mind

Our Wild detox comes in 4 levels of intensity for people looking to discover the beauty of detoxing. 

We always recommend you start gently with a detox cure containing vegetable milks, especially, if this is your first detox experience. Such cleanse programs will be composed of vegetable milks, as well as, accompanied by various cold-pressed organic fruit and vegetable juices.


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