SOS Detox Booster Kit

415.00 AED

In need of a detox…without the liquid fast? Don’t fret! Our Wild Detox Booster Kit was made for you. It helps to detoxify and purify your body while continuing a healthy balanced diet. For maximum results, hydration here is key. Water is your new best friend.


Our Bam Shot perfectly complements this booster thanks to turmeric, ginger, and pepper teaming up. Ginger is rich in minerals like phosphorus, manganese, iron and calcium – and full of vitamins! It is a crucial ingredient with high nutritional values. Turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory; When mixed with black pepper, its powers are magnified. This shot will cleanse your body both deeply, and effectively


In the morning, hydrate with a Keep it Clean : a celery juice with antioxidant and detoxifying properties to purify the blood and gently aid the digestive system. This product is ultra hydrating thanks to the added cucumber, which helps to overall relax and recover the muscles after physical activity.


In the afternoon, you’ll meet Black Lemonade, our best seller. This detox lemonade contains activated charcoal, a powerful detoxifier that absorbs toxins and heavy metals from the digestive system and eliminates them. Unpasteurized apple cider vinegar and lemon help purify the lymphatic system. Lemon juice and ginger are known for their strong detox properties on the liver!

At bedtime, take a tablespoon of our Elixir Viridem in a cup of hot water to detoxify the liver and purify the blood during sleep. Thanks to its ultra detoxifying properties, this elixir mineralizes the body with essential vitamins and minerals.



  • 3 Bam Shots
  • 6 Keep it Clean 
  • 3 Black Lemonade 
  • Wild & The Moon x Anima Mundi Elixir Viridiem
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